ABC interview with Jenny about getting into the music industry

Whoops. Jmag conforming to gender stereotypes...

Whoops. Jmag conforming to gender stereotypes…

Editor, Aug 2011-Feb 2015

Time Out was launched in London in 1968. There are now more than 60 print editions around the world. As Melbourne editor, I launched the print magazine in October 2011 with a small team who have all gone on to do great things. Together we brought the website traffic to more than a million PIs a month – not bad for a city guide – and put out weekly EDMs. The annual Bar Awards, Food Awards and Pub Awards became major events in Melbourne. Thirty-six issues later I resigned, regretfully, when my role was reduced to digital only, with the print editorial being moved to Sydney.

Editor, 2007-2011

Six months into living in Australia I’d well and truly got the message that Triple J radio played an incredibly important role in people’s lives. Editing the magazine was a challenge – because you rarely see someone of student age reading a mag at all – but one that kept us on our toes, with tip-on cover giveaways, money-can’t-buy competitions and efforts to get the interviewees out of the comfort zones and doing something exclusive for us (musicians love that sort of thing). We’d also cover Triple J’s major events, such as AWOL and One Night Stand, and have regular spots from the presenters. Triple J magazine, formerly Jmag, was published by News Corp – specifically their now-defunct News Custom Publishing dept – for the ABC. 

Chief Sub-Editor, 2006

Staff Writer, then Features Editor, 2003-2006

Sub-Editor, 2000-2002

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